Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC2)

shutterstock_137737046Formerly the Experienced Rider Course.

Please call 207-469-0051 for class availability and to register before making your payment online. Classes are held the first Wednesday of May, July and September.

This course is for the licensed rider and the training is a hands on class completed on your motorcycle. The course will help sharpen your skills. You will learn to improve handling and promote good riding habits as well as learning some new techniques. It’s highly recommended that you have ridden at least 2,000 miles on the bike you are bringing to the course. The course is between 6-8 hours and is held the first Wednesday of May, July and September.


Payment can also be submitted via paypal, a secure method of accepting credit card payments online.

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Course fee is $100.00
Payment can be made over the phone with a credit or debit card, mail a check or at the Paypal link.

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